3 Things to Consider Before Choosing a Website Monitoring Tool

Ensuring your website is always online is important for a number of reasons. To begin, you do not want potential visitors to find your site inaccessible. These visitors may be looking to buy your products or services. With your site inaccessible, you will lose potential sales. An inaccessible site can also hurt your brand reputation in the market.

The good news is that there are different tools you can use to monitor your site's uptime. These tools can send you a message through email or SMS when your site is inaccessible.

There are different website monitoring tools in the market. You should carry out some research to find the right tool to use. Here are some things to consider before choosing a tool:

Check the Protocols Monitored

All website monitoring tools are not the same. When it comes to monitoring your site, some tools only check the HTTP URL for a valid response. There are also others that will perform a more comprehensive monitoring by not only checking the HTTP URL, but also POP3 status, SMTP and PING status of your site. You should choose a tool that checks your site comprehensively. Here's a  good read about  website load testing,   check it out! 

Find Out About Event Logs

Check whether the tool you want to use allows you to access event logs related to your site's downtime. The logs will help you understand why the downtime occurred. From the information, you can take measures to prevent future downtimes.

With the many things that can lead to a website downtime, it can be difficult to pinpoint the exact causes on your own. This is why you need access to the event logs.

Cost of the Tool

For small businesses, cost is usually an issue when signing up for any service or buying a product. It's important to know how much you will be spending on the website monitoring tool. Depending with the tool you choose, you will either have to pay a monthly or annual fee.

There are also some free website monitoring tools. However, these tools are not as comprehensive or robust as the paid ones. Since you are running a business, you want to use a paid tool that will monitor your site 24/7 and inform you of down times.

Having a website that is not accessible will hurt your business. You can reduce downtimes by using a website monitoring tool to alert you of problems with your site. Kindly visit this website   http://www.huffingtonpost.com/entry/website-monitoring-hidden-or-opportunity-cost_us_5931730fe4b0649fff211839  for more useful reference.